The Fifty-three Stations of the Tōkaidō

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The Fifty-Three Stations of the Tōkaidō (東海道五十三次 Tōkaidō Gojūsan-tsugi), in the Hōeidō edition (1833–1834), presented here, is a series of ukiyo-e woodcut prints created by Utagawa Hiroshige after his first travel along the Tōkaidō in 1832.

The Tōkaidō road, linking the shōgun's capital, Edo, to the imperial one, Kyōto, was the main travel and transport artery of old Japan. It is about 495.5 km a distance in between.

It is also the most important of the "Five Roads" (Gokaidō)—the five major roads of Japan created or developed during the Edo era to further strengthen the control of the central shogunate administration over the whole country.

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I think these 53 Stations of the Tōkaidō by Hiroshige are amazing.

You can imagine without your car and digital camera or smart phone about 180 years ago.

It is almost like taking a picture of each station, yet describing the each different area with each

characteristic. I just love these.  


The 53 Stations of the Tōkaidō (Hoeido-Ban) were reproduced

by Tokyo traditional woodcut craft Association


These traditional woodblock prints were reproduced exactly as the first edition

at Edo-Tokyo Museum have by many of top skilled craftsmen

like a dream team in Japan.


No.01 - Nihonbashi: Leaving Edo

No.02 - 1st Station Shinagawa

 No.03 - 2nd Station Kawasaki

 No.04 - 3rd Station Kanagawa 

 No.05 - 4th Station Hodogaya 

No.06 - 5th Station Totsuka

No.07 - 6th Station Fujisawa

No.08 - 7th Station Hiratsuka

No.09 - 8th Station Oiso

No.10 - 9th Station Odawara

No.11 - 10th Station Hakone

No.12 - 11th Station Mishima

No.13 - 12th Station Numazu

No.14 - 13th Station Hara

No.15 - 14th Station Yoshiwara

No.16 - 15th Station Kanbara

 No.17 - 16th Station Yui

No.18 - 17th Station Okitsu

No.19 - 18th Station Ejiri

No.20 - 19th Station Fuchu

No.21 - 20th Station Mariko

No.22 - 21th Station Okabe

No.23 - 22th Station Fujieda

No.24 - 23th Station Shimada

No.25 - 24th Station Kanaya

No.026 - 25th Station Nissaka

No.27 - 26th Station Kakegawa

No.28 - 27th Station Fukuroi

No.29 - 28th Station Mitsuke

No.30 - 29th Station Hamamatsu

No.31 - 30th Station Maisaka

No.32 - 31th Station Arai

No.33 - 32th Station Shirasuka

No.34 - 33th Station Futagawa

No.35 - 34th Station Yoshida

No.36 - 35th Station Goyu

No.37 - 36th Station Akasaka

No.38 - 37th Station Fujikawa

No.39 - 38th Station Okazaki

No.40 - 39th Station Chiryu

No.41 - 40th Station Narumi

No.42 - 41th Station Miya

No.43 - 42th Station Kuwana

No.44 - 43th Station Yokkaichi

No.45 - 44th Station Ishiyakushi

No.46 - 45th Station Shōno

No.47 - 46th Station Kameyama

No.48 - 47th Station Seki

No.49 - 48th Station Sakashita

No.50 - 49th Station Tsuchiyama

No.51 - 50th Station Minakuchi

No.52 - 51th Station Ishibe

No.53 - 52th Station Kusatsu

No.54 - 53th Station Otsu

No.55 - Sanjō Ōhashi at Keishi  

The end of the Tōkaidō  (Arriving at Kyoto - The capital City at that time)










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