Fujii Kinsai Arita Japan - Yurisai Kinran Porcelain box Phoenix (Superlative Collection) - Free Shipping

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Fujii Kinsai Arita Japan - Yurisai Kinran  Porcelain box Phoenix (Superlative Collection)



All of our products are all handmade and hand painted by Master Fujii Kinsai.



It is unbelievable hand panting by Master Kinsai Fujii.

Takes long time to produce one product.

The treasure of the highest quality




(Superlative Collection) - To produce Superlative Collection by Master Fujii took so long


Therefore it is available only one unit.

Please take a look at our Blog section for detail.




Using real Gold





Height 12.00 cm (4.724 ")

Diameter 14.00 cm (5.52 ")




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We will ship your order within 10days.
















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