Kenema  - Tsukiyo no Bannin (The dyed Tenugui)

Kenema - Tsukiyo no Bannin (The dyed Tenugui)

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Kenema  - Tsukiyo no Bannin (The dyed Tenugui)

Japanese Tradition Cotton Towel (The dyed Tenugui) 


Tenugui is a Japanese traditional cotton towel.

Tenugui can be used for so many different way you can think of.

As Towel, and Handkerchief,

Wrapping Cloth,

Bandanna, to those who do Kendo

etc, or you can think of anything.

It is very easy to get dry.  


These Tenugui is not sewn at the top & bottom,

so a few weft thread may come apart while in use. 

Due to dyed products, it may lose some color at first time you wash

(Please wash it gently and separately from other white clothing,

they have a chance the white clothing may get the color from Tenugui.)

Please do not use bleach.  





Size (Approximately Size)

36 x 90 cm 

(14.173" X  35.433" inch)





(Approximately Weight for one Tenugui only)

(Weight of packing materials and package are not included)

40g   (1.41 oz)





Cotton 100%





Refer to our Pictures

(The color of the actual Furoshiki may be slightly different from the images on our pictures.)





Country of Origin

Made in Japan










Customer Reviews

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Beautiful, just as pictured

These are beautiful high-quality tenugui, made of good-quality cloth. The colors are bright and coordinate well with each other. The images are crisp, and the different colors are well aligned with each other. I was very pleased when I saw them. They were shipped from Japan to the U.S. by air mail; total transit time was under two weeks. I bought more than one, in part to justify the international shipping charges. I plan to give them as gifts. The first recipient was delighted.

Yuqing Yang
Very beautiful tenugui!

The cotton is light and sturdy, feels very nice on the hand. The pattern is beautifully printed. This one is perfect for mid-autumn day. I will hang them as little curtains and wish them bring me good luck!

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