Ezaki Junzo - Japanese Traditional Hand Paint Byobu (Gold Silk Folding Screen) - X145 - Free Shipping

  • US$2,600.00

Product Name

Japanese Traditional Hand Paint Byobu (Gold Silk Folding Screen) - X145





Master Ezaki can paint on both Gold Silk Folding Screen or Gold Leaf Folding Screen.

Please select which way you want to.

Our picture shows Gold Silk Folding Screen one.


Artist Name

Master Ezaki Junzo


Size (Approx)

Height  92 cm X  Width 181 cm

(36.220" X 71.260")



Each Master will hand paint for a New custom made Byobu for you.

It will be the production of custom hand paint Byobu for your order.

There are times when individual differences may appear in the details such as color, texture, pattern. 


Country of Origin

Made in Japan


Mounting bracket

Mounting bracket to the wall Mounting bracket will not come with each Byobu.

If you like to purchase these Mounting bracket to the wall,

please choes with Mounting bracket to the wall

The price for these Mounting bracket to the wall will be $60.00.



We need about 3 to 6 weeks for the production.

If you want to know exact term before you purchase,

Please e-mail us,

we will inform you approximately production term at the time.






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