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Kamisaka Sekka (1866~1942) 



Japanese Woodblock Print  Name

 #15 Bokudo (Cattleman)




Approx Image Size
Height 30.40 cm  x Width 46.00 cm
(H 11.97" x  W 18.11")
Approx Washi Papaer Size
Height 34.00 cm  x Width 49.50 cm
(H 13.39" x  W 19.49")



Originally published in Meigi era (1868-1912)

This is a later edition by Unsodo from the original blocks.






Only perfect condition one. 

Never rolled up.

Never framed, kept in professional condition.




There is a line on our woodblock print picture.

This line come from two pictures were connected.

The reason is we have to scan the original woodblock for half,

because the original print was larger than our scanner.

Original wood print is perfect condition and there is not such line on our original woodblock print.




Refer to our Pictures

The color of the actual Woodblock Print may be slightly different

from the images on our pictures.

It is impossible to show the actual color of

these fine art of woodblock prints and texture of Washi Paper.










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