Katsushika Hokusai - Unsodo edition 4 scene of Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji in Frame - Miniature scale - Free Shipping

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Katsushika Hokusai (1760~1849)


Japanese Woodblock Print  Name  

(From Top)
1. Sanka Haku U
2. Aka Fuji (Gaifu Kaisei)
3. Kanagawa-Oki Nami-Ura
4. Bishu Fujimihara (Okeyano- Fuji)
Each woodblock print is the size of Japanese Post Card.
Incredibly each sheet are printed same method as regular size woodblock prints.
These woodblock prints come with wood flame with grass front.


Approx Each Image Size

Height 10.00 cm  x Width 14.8 cm

(H 3.937" x  W 5.827")

Approx Flame Size
Height 59.8 cm x With 25.8 cm x Thickness 2.5 cm
(H 23.54" x W 10.15 x T 0.984)




Ages woodblock engraved
Showa medium-term era (1930-1960) Kyoto, Japan.
Engraved on Japanese Cherrywood



Only perfect condition one, Never rolled up,
Never framed, Kept in professional condition.



Refer to our Pictures

The color of the actual Woodblock Print may be slightly different

from the images on our pictures.

It is impossible to show the actual color of

these fine art of woodblock prints and texture of Washi Paper.

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