Kyoto Kazari Sensu - #44 Sakura - Length - 27.2 cm (10.71") - Free Shipping

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Product Name

#44 Sakura

(Japanese Cherry Blossoms)


Traditional handcrafted Kyoto Kazari Sensu

(Decoration Hand Held Fan)


You can decorate of two way, hanging on the wall or put on the stand.


Our Kyoto Kazari Sensu have gone through a process of its production

as 20 or more steps.

Each steps are the division of labor in the process.

Our Kyoto Sensu have been made carefully one by one by hand of the skilled craftsman.

We use only finest material we can get in Kyoto, Japan.



Size (Approximately Size)

Length - 27.2 cm (10.71")



Approximately Weight

40 g  (1.411 oz) - Sensu only

200 g (7.054 oz) - Total weight




Country of Origin

Made in Japan


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