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Ohara Koson (1877~1945)



Japanese Woodblock Print  Name  

Hasu ni suzume (Lotus and sparrow) 




Approx Image Size 

Height  35.00 cm  x Width 18.9 cm
(H 13.78 " x  W 7.44 ")
Washi Paper 37.80 cm x Wisth 19.80 cm
(H 14.88 cm x Width W 7.79 cm)




This print is a faithful reproduction of Koson's original work.

By the current top skilled craftsmen like dream team production in the year 2020.
The print is reprinted from newly carved woodblocks.

Reproduce the expression that utilizes the wood grain that is the charm of Koson's work
and the expression of the color that is rubbed into the Washi paper.

Therefore, the Lotus leaves and the grain of the background are characteristic,
and was looked for a woodblock that was close to that grain.

The normal Ukiyo-E are usually completed in less than 10 times rubbing process,
but this print was completed in more than 50 times rubbing process by Master Numabe
who is the top Surishi(printer) in Japan.

It is a valuable sheet that we would like you to get if you are a woodblock print fan
who understands its value.



Only perfect condition one. 

Never rolled up.

Never framed, kept in professional condition.





 All of our pictures we use here were taken by scanner from our woodblock prints.
Sometime during scanning process, the image get diffuse reflection from scanner,
that makes yellow shadow on our picture.
However all of our prints are perfect condition and not such yellow part on our print.





Refer to our Pictures

The color of the actual Woodblock Print may be slightly different

from the images on our pictures.

It is impossible to show the actual color of

these fine art of woodblock prints and texture of Washi Paper.














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