Saigiki - Otsukimi (Moonlight party rabbit) - Furoshiki - 50 x 50 cm

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Saigiki - Otsukimi (Moonlight party rabbit)

Furoshiki (Japanese Wrapping Cloth)



Size (Approximately Size)

Approx. 50 x 50 cm 
Approx. (19.685" X 19.6850" inch)



Cotton 100%





Refer to our Pictures

(The color of the actual Furoshiki may be slightly different from the images on our pictures.)




Country of Origin

Made in Japan



How our customer Mr. A.A. from the US use our Furoshiki.

Wow How nice!!

Thank you very much a lot!!



Customer Reviews

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This is a beautiful furoshiki. It's very pretty in the pictures, but even much more so in person.

Morag McEwan
Lovely furoshiki

I had looked at this furoshiki on other sites but they either charged far more for the item or postage was very expensive. This is a gift for my daughter and I will enjoy telling her about the story behind this particular furoshiki. This price plus very reasonable and fast postage via DHL (it was dispatched from Japan on Nov 30th and it was delivered to me in Scotland on Dec 2nd) made buying this and other items from this site very well worth it. Customer service was also excellent and I was kept regularly updated with information about my order. I highly recommend buying from this site.

Lovely Tsukimi wrap

This Furoshiki shows the Tsukimi festival (moon-viewing festival, around September). The rabbits are gazing at the moon next to an offering of dango, the traditional dumplings of the festival. The scene is tranquil and elegant, and many details will be revealed only after the Furoshiki is unwrapped, allowing your recipient to take joy in the wrapping even after they have already seen the gift. This is a brilliant choice for a design.

Team Wakon have excellent customer service. I ordered 11 Furoshiki, and they were packaged exactly in the order I requested, arriving safely and swiftly. I was amazed at the level of care and detail!

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