Saito - Dragon Crest Emblem(18Kt Gold) with Sun Tzu Silver Ring 

  • US$1,200.00

Product Name

Dragon Crest Emblem(18Kt Gold) with Sun Tzu Silver Ring



The diameter of Dragon Crest Emblem is only 1cm (0.394").

Saito has designed Dragon Crest Emblem with Sun Tzu's Art of war.

Very famous sentence from Attack by Stratagem.

"If you know the enemy and know yourself,

you need not fear the reslt of a hundred battles."


Ring Material 

Dragon Crest Emblem -18Kt Gold

Ring - 925 Silver


Ring Size

16.5 mm (Max. W) - 6 mm(Min. W)

(0.649" Max. W) - (0.236" Min. W)

Weight - 28.2g - (0.0645 oz)


Size Selection ( Available Size ) 

7H, 8, 8H, 9, 9H

10, 10H, 11, 11H, 12, 12H, 13.

(H-Half Size, 11H = 11 and half = 11.5)

(In U.S. & Canada Size ) 


If you can give us the exact circumference of your finger in millimeter

or diameter of the ring in millimeter

are the best information we need.


If you need bigger than US Size 13, please ask us.

We may be able to make for you and we will give quote for your size.


Delivery Time

This item is a custom-made. (Made-to-order)

The average waiting period is about 3-4 weeks at this moment.



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