Saito - Kamon (Family Crest Emblem) Silver ring (Silver 925)

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Product Name

Saito - Kamon (Family Crest Emblem) Silver ring (Silver 925) - Free Shipping





We can make Men's size and women's size. 


If you want to make your own design of logo

or any mark ,any design,

We can also engrave for you.

We can give you estimation for your design of logo mark.

Please feel free to ask us!!!





Ring Material 

Ring -925 Silver



Ring Size

Men's Size  Size from US size 8 to 13

Maximum width about 12 mm, minimum width about 6 mm,

family crest diameter about 7.5 mm


Women's Size from US Size 4 to 7

Maximum width about 11 mm, minimum width about 5.5 mm,

family crest diameter about 7 mm



Size Selection ( Available Size ) 

4, 4H, 5, 5H, 6, 6H, 7, 7H, 8, 8H, 9, 9H

10, 10H, 11, 11H, 12, 12H, 13. (up to 68.00 mm)

(H-Half Size, 11H = 11 and half = 11.5)

(In U.S. & Canada Size ) 



If you can give us the exact circumference of your finger in millimeter

or diameter of the ring in millimeter

are the best information we need.


If you need bigger than US Size 13, please ask us.

We may be able to make for you and we will give quote for your size.





Delivery Time

This item is a custom-made. (Made-to-order)

The average waiting period is about 3-4 weeks at this moment.















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