Saito - Naoe Kanetsugu Silver 950 Pendant Top

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Saito - Naoe Kanetsugu Silver 950 Pendant Top 

(Chain will not included)




Naoe Kanetsugu (直江 兼続, 1559 – January 23, 1620) was a Japanese samurai of the 16th-17th centuries. The eldest son of Higuchi Kanetoyo, Kanetsugu was famed for his service to two generations of the Uesugi daimyo. He was also known by his court title, Yamashiro no Kami (山城守) or his childhood/adolescent name, Higuchi Kanetsugu (樋口 兼続).

Kanetsugu served first as a koshō (小姓) to Uesugi Kenshin. After Kenshin had died, he served Kagekatsu, of the adopted son of Kenshin. Kanetsugu's brother, Ōkuni Sanehiro, was also a famous Uesugi retainer.

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Pendant  Material

950 Silver 




22.00 mm (H) x 22.00 mm(W)

(0.866 " H x 0.866 " W )






12 g (0.4233oz)



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