Saito - Skull (Silver 925) w/Bonji with Tiger Eye Rosary 

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Saito - Skull (Silver 925) w/Bonji with Tiger Eye Rosary


Master Saito will put your Guardian Deity (Bonji)

in Sanskrit character for your birth year

in the sign of the zodiac in Chinese astrology.

There are eight Buddha name for the each sign of the zodiac.

We believe the each Buddha

will bring good fortune to your life.

We hope You will get very peaceful mind and you will become stress free.


Please inform Us your birth year.




Skull Material

925 Silver



Parts Size


approx. Height - 12 mm 0.472"


Each Onyx Jewel

Diameter - 10 mm   0.394" 





Rosary Size Selection- ( Available Size in Length )

12 cm   (4.724") - Number of Onyx Jewel (15 units)

13 cm   (5.118") - Number of Onyx Jewel (16 units)

14 cm   (5.512") -  Number of Onyx Jewel (17 units) 

15 cm   (5.905") -  Number of Onyx Jewel (18 units)   

16 cm   (6.299") - Number of Onyx Jewel (19 units) 

17 cm   (6.693") -  Number of Onyx Jewel (20 units) 

18 cm   (7.087") - Number of Onyx Jewel (21 units)

19 cm   (7.480") - Number of Onyx Jewel (22 units)

Please inform us which length of the Rosary you like to order when you make a payment.




These natural stone are very delicate.

These natural stone will break or crack, if you crush, drop, apply strong shock,

or s sudden change in temperature.

Please do not wear these when you take shower or play some sports.

Please wipe it off gently with a soft cloth if these get dirt.

Please do not use any type of solvent such as benzene, alcohol.


We are using very durable urethane rubber line as quadruple inside these natural stone.

It has been consideration of if you brake one or two line. Still It will not go a parts.

In case of braking these urethane rubber, we can supply only urethane rubber line to fix them.

If you need it, please ask us, we will give you the cost for them.



Delivery Time

This item is a custom-made. (Made-to-order)

The average waiting period is about 3-4 weeks at this moment.




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