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Yoshida Toshi (1911~1995) 



Japanese Woodblock Print  Name

#015111 Okamoto Jinjya (Shrine of the Paper-makers, Fukui) 




Approx Image Size 

Height 37.2 cm  x Width 24.4 cm
(H 14.645 " x  W 9.601")


Originally published in 1951 by Yoshida studio .

This is a later edition from the original blocks.




Only perfect condition one. 

Never rolled up.

Never framed, kept in professional condition.


All of our pictures were taken by scanner from our woodblock prints.
Sometime during scanning process, the image get diffuse reflection from scanner, that makes yellow shadow on our picture.
However all of our prints are perfect condition and not such yellow part on our print.





Refer to our Pictures

The color of the actual Woodblock Print may be slightly different

from the images on our pictures.

It is impossible to show the actual color of

these fine art of woodblock prints and texture of Washi Paper.

























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Rene Deloffre
Hard To Beat

This outfit bends backward to please the collector. They not only have a good choice of prints but offer them at reasonable prices. The prints are as noted on their web page and packaged with much care. The most impressive thing about Team Wagon is how fast they reply to your e-mails. They are now on my list of galleries to buy prints from.

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