Master Teruhide Kato  加藤晃秀 (1936-2015) is an artist who truly loves Kyoto.

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Master Teruhida Kato  加藤晃秀 (1936-2015) was born in Kyoto City.

After graduating from the Department of Japanese Painting at Kyoto University of Art, he established a design studio and while participating in various craft projects.

He created ``Ikiga''   "粋画"  with a unique touch.

He has held solo exhibitions in New York and other locations, and is attracting attention from overseas as well.

He depicted the atmosphere of the ancient capital Kyoto Japan with bold compositions based on black and white, and reproduced his painting with Japanese traditional woodblock prints.

He is an artist who truly loves Kyoto.

His depictions of Kyoto's famous spots are works with a postmodern flavor that allow you to experience each of the four seasons in simple compositions.

Please enjoy this fascinating work for a long time.



























































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