Kamisaka Sekka 神坂雪佳 (1866-1942)

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Kamisaka Sekka    神坂雪佳     (1866-1942) Born in Kyoto, real name Yoshitaka.


He studied under Suzuki Mizuhiko of the Shijo school and later become a disciple of Kishi Kokei.


He is a painter of the Koetsu Korin school and is world-renowned as a craft artist.


He traveled to Europe and adopted the Art Nouveau style, and her style received enthusiastic praise in Europe and the United States as someone who pioneered his own new horizons.


He also gave the dawn of modern crafts in Japan and greatly contributed to its subsequent development.


His work is highly praised today, especially in Europe and America, and appears on the cover and first 12 pages of Le Monde Hermès issue 38.


The world of innovative design beauty that fascinates even today's top brands continues to exist in Sekka's works.



















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