Fujii Kinsai Arita Japan - Yurisai Kinran Crane & Mt. Fuji Ornamental vase 30.50 cm (Superlative Collection) - Free Shipping

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Fujii Kinsai Arita Japan - Yurisai Kinran Crane & Mt. Fuji Ornamental vase  30.50 cm

(Superlative Collection) 



All of our products are all handmade and hand painted by Master Fujii Kinsai.

It is unbelievable hand panting by Master Kinsai Fujii.

Takes long time to produce one plate.

The treasure of the highest quality



(Superlative Collection) - To produce Superlative Collection by Master Fujii took so long


Therefore it is available only one unit.

Please take a look at our Blog section for detail.




Limited Edition Products by Master Fujii Kinsai Arita Saga Japan.

The number of each production are very limited

and we sell only AAA+ (Finest quality item only).





Using real Gold



Plate Size

Height 30.50 cm (12.008 ")

Diameter 19.60 cm (7.716 ")




Delivery Time

We will ship your order within 10days.













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William Wyer
Master Fuji Kinsai's Three Cranes and Mt. Fuji

Master Fuji Kinsai’s vase entitled: Yurisai Kinran Crane & Mt. Fuji was spotted by my wife and I on the Team Wakon website. The vase was clearly a work of refined decoration and high-quality craftsmanship. The imagery of the three cranes flying in front of a red Mt. Fuji were especially intriguing to us, both visually and symbolically. But we are art collectors not necessarily ceramic collectors. When we received the vase, the artistic sensibility of the piece exceeded our expectations. We view it every day on display with our other art works and smile when walking past it. A feeling of “Wa” (harmony), “Sei” (purity) and “Jaku” (tranquility), three principles from Chanoyu, the Tea Ceremony, come to our minds in the presence of Master Fuji Kinsai’s exquisite vase.

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