Saito - Mandala on Lotus flower Silver 950 Pendant Top (Small)

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Product Name

Mandala on Lotus flower Silver 950 Pendant Top (Small)




The Mandala is a graphic depiction of the spiritual universe and its myriad realms and deities.

Master Kazuhide Saito will engrave Mandala in Sanskrit characters on Lotus Flower Design.


Center- Dainichi Nyorai

From Top to right

Houdo Bosatsu, Fugen Bosatsu, Kaifukeio Nyorai, Monjushiri Bosatsu

Muryoju Nyorai, Kannon Bosatsu, Tenkuraion Nyorai, Miroku Bosatsu.





The Pendant top does not come with any chain.

Our picture shows

Saito's Gin-Ryu - Thin Size - Chain

(925 silver) (Ibushi Gin color).

Made in Japan


45 cm - 17.71" - $100.00

50 cm - 19.68" - $106.25

55 cm - 21.65" - $112.50



Pendant  Material

950 Silver




22mm (H) x 22 mm(W)

(0.866" H x 0.866" W)

Thickness 2 mm (0.078")

6.7g (0.236oz)



Delivery Time

This item is a custom-made. (Made-to-order)

The average waiting period is about 3-4 weeks at this moment.

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