Fujii Kinsai Arita Japan - Sometsuke Karakusa wari Sansuiga Jinkou Tsubo (Agarwood Pot) 48.00 cm - Free Shipping

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Product Name

Fujii Kinsai Arita - Sometsuke Karakusa wari Sansuiga (Agarwood Pot) Agarwood Pot 48.00 cm  

All of our products are all handmade and hand painted by Master Fujii Kinsai,

therefore each individual item are slightly different each other.



Sansuiga, Karakusa Monyo.




Limited Edition Products by Master Fujii Kinsai Arita Saga Japan.

The number of each production are very limited

and we sell only AAA+ (Finest quality item only).


Vase Size

Height 48.00 cm (18.898 ")

Diameter 21.50 cm (8.465 ")




Delivery Time

We will ship your order within 10days.

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